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Setting up your Windows 98 Internet Connection with World Ramp

This outline details how to setup your Windows 98 Dial-Up Networking (DUN) for accessing the Internet through World Ramp. The following information is important. You might even want to print it out and keep it in a safe place among your records. That way if you ever have a problem, the answer will be at your fingertips.

  1. User Name: given when you started your account
  2. Password: given when you started your account
  3. Telephone Access Number: 7405360
There are a bunch of steps that need to be followed exactly if you want your connection to work properly. It might look intimidating but don't fret, it's really not that hard. All we ask is that you follow the instructions EXACTLY. Do not add or subtract steps. If you think you messed up some where, back off three or four steps and continue again. You can do it, so let's get started. (NOTE: Keep your Windows 98 software handy, as the set up program might ask you to insert it along the way)

A) Installing the Dial-Up Networking

1) Double click on "My Computer" and check to see if "Dialup Networking" is installed. If it IS, skip to the "Setting up TCP/IP" section. If it is NOT installed 2) Double click on "Control Panel" 3) Double click on "Add/Remove Programs" 4) Click on "Windows Setup" TAB 5) Single Click "Communications" 6) Single Click on "Details" button (insert your o/s software if asked) 7) Single click "Dial-Up Networking" (to make sure it's checked) 8) Click on "OK" button 9) Click on "OK" button again. That's it, you're done with step one! Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.
B) Creating a New Dial Up Networking Connection Profile
1) Double click on "My Computer" 2) Double click on "Dial-Up Networking" 3) Double click on "Make New Connection" 4) Type "World Ramp" into the top box and the "Select a modem" box, should be filled in as Windows 98 should know which modem you are using. Confirm the proper modem type is displayed and then Click the "Next" button. 5) Enter World Ramp's phone number into the appropriate boxes; (407) (7405360) 6) Click the Next button 7) Click the finish button. You are most the way home! You should now be in the dial up networking window. 8) Click once on the World Ramp icon, so that it is highlighted. 9) Click "file/properties". 10) Click on "Configure" button and make sure that your modem speed is set to 38400 for a 14400 modem, 57600 for a 28800 modem, and 115200 for a 33.6 modem or higher. 11) Click OK 12) Click on "Server Types" button. 13) Make sure only "Enable Software Compression" and "TCP/IP" are checked. All the rest should be unchecked. 14) Click "OK" button. Click the OK button again.
The Last Thing To Do
1) While in the "Dial-Up Networking" window, Double click the World Ramp icon. 2) Enter your User name and Password. Check "Save password" (if you can) to retain the password so you won't have to type it in again the next time you dial into World Ramp. 6) Click on the "Connect" button. You should now hear the modem squeel as you dial into World Ramp.

That's it! You're done!

Note: You can create a Dial-Up Networking Short Cut by right clicking on the World Ramp Icon and dragging it to the desktop.

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