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Windows 3.1 Support

Not knowing your technical level of proficiency, this document has been written for a fundamental user. For those of you who are still relatively new to the Internet, I would suggest you read this document all the way through before you do anything else. That way you'll have an idea of what you're doing before actually having to do it. One thing to note: as you configure your software, always use lower case letters. Since it is likely that you'll have already had the software set up once in order to be seeing this file, we offer this page in case you ever run into problems and need to set up your software again. Print this out and keep it for future reference.

The first thing you`ll need to do is load your disk. If you are using Windows 3.1, follow these directions. If you are using Windows 95, you should use the Windows 95 setup information instead.

You'll need to install under the Program Manager. Bring the Program Manager to the front by double clicking on it. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click on File. This will bring down a menu. Click on Run.
  2. On the next screen click on Browse. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to see what's on any drive that you specify. Find the drive listing and change it to which ever floppy drive your World Ramp disk is in.
  3. In the upper left you will see a listing of file names that are contained on the disk. Double click on the Install.exe file, then click on the OK button twice. Your disk should now be loading.
  4. Along the way it will ask you a number of questions. There will be two questions at the end stating something about overwriting an old date and something about your autoexec.bat file. Unless you know better, answer yes or OK to each of them. The disk will then tell you it is installed.
Your "Dialer" program is the first program you will need to run every time you want to log onto the Internet through World Ramp. This is the first program you'll need to configure also. The things you will need to do are fairly simple. We will walk you through every step. Please do not try and add your own steps into these instructions. Just follow them as written. You can make any changes you wish once the software is set up.

Trumpet Winsock Setup

  1. Double click on the Trumpet PPP/SLIP icon.
  2. Click on "File" on the top menu bar, then click on "setup."
  3. Fill in the "IP address" to read, the "name server" to read, and "Domain Suffix" to read worldramp.net.
  4. Your "slip port" setting is set to the com port your modem is connected to. Check your computer owners manual to find which com port is correct. If you still are having problems, keep in mind that it's almost always Port 1 or Port 2. (Try 2 first) So if one doesn't work, try the other. Click "OK."
  5. One more step. Click "Dialer" on the menu bar, then click "Login."
You should now see words busily scrolling down the left side of the box. The last thing written should be "My IP address = ( your IP number), Script completed". If this is not what you're getting, go back through steps 1-4 and double check your configurations. Hopefully everything worked perfectly and you are now logged on to the Internet through World Ramp. You can now minimize the window and continue on. Make sure you only minimize and don't close the window. That would turn the program off.

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