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Personal World Presence Page:

FREE! Everyone who signs up with World Ramp for dial up service is given 5 megs of server space for a personal home page. We even allow you to advertise your small business, with limitations*. At World Ramp, we want everyone to have a presence on the net and your Personal Page is the perfect reason to sign up with World Ramp. See our User Sign Up form for more information.

The World Force Page:

Why pay $60 or more per month for your web site??

Priced at $30.00 per month, the World Force Page is a way for every business to get information on to the Internet, without having to break the bank! The World Force Page comes with a full 20 megs of server space. Unique web page addressing can be added for Free**. There is no reason your company shouldn't be on the 'Net today! There is a one time set up fee of $99.00. Some restrictions apply.

If you would like a comprehensive report of who is visiting your web site, what pages they are hitting, how long are they staying & a whole lot more, World Ramp can provide that server for ONLY $10 per month! World Ramp provides effective solutions for a World Wide Web presence. We employ professional graphics design firms to create exciting, effective Web pages. We understand the value of a global presence and create Web pages that make 'Net users want to return often. Other services which are available include; CGI scripting, secure web sites, Active X and Java scripting and a whole lot more.

World Ramp can also work with you to get your web site advertised on the Internet's numerous search engines and sites.

Additional Services to consider:

Domain Name Registration Service:     $39.00
RealAudio Service:                    Call for Pricing
Front Page Extensions:                No Extra Charge 
Web Page Message Boards:              $50 setup/$5 per month
Live Camera Web Site Imaging:         Call for pricing
Advertising your Web Site:            $20 one time fee!

* Small businesses can be advertised for free provided the advertisement is limited to one HTML page containing what you would find on a typical business card. This means "who you are, what you do, and how to get a hold of you." Nothing else can be depicted. All free sites must be modified at World Ramp's discretion. Under no circumstances will indecent materials be permitted.

**The cost to register a Domain name is not included in the web site pricing and would be additional.

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