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World Ramp keeps in touch with some of the top software companies writing programs for the Internet. We suggest you visit these sites and try out the programs that are available.

Web Phone
WebPhone is the professional, full featured Internet telephone with integrated voice-mail from NetSpeak. WebPhone provides telephone quality, real-time, full duplex, encrypted, point-to-point voice communication over the Internet and other TCP/IP based networks. Using WebPhone, you can talk to anyone, anywhere without incurring long distance charges. This shareware version will allow calls up to 3 minutes in duration. If you like the product, a full, unlimited version is available upon registration.


RealAudio Shatters the Sound Barrier! RealAudio 3.0 brings broadcast-quality audio to the Internet, delivering stereo sound to 28.8 modems and near-CD quality to ISDN and LAN connections.


TUCOWS, The Worlds Best Collection of Internet Software. TUCOWS is your place on the Web to access the latest and greatest Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and MacIntosh Internet Software, performance rated and checked for viruses.

Technical Support
If you are having difficulties with a particular piece of software and need the assistance of someone more knowledgeable, The University of Western Illinois has a help center that is open Monday through Friday 9am to 11pm and on weekends 10am to 6 pm. They can be reached at 1-217-322-1313. These people are very helpful and there is no charge (other than your "Dime-A-Minute" long distance). We recommend you give them a try.

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