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In the future, this page will expand to contain a very concise collection of what links we've found are the most useful to our clients. Everyone and anyone has a page of favorite links - we'll try and make this page only point to the most useful and important links for software, news and information, entertainment, sports, and the net itself. Here are some links to get you started.

The World Wide Web is an exciting source of information provided by the government, association, corporations and educational institutions. Our goal is to point Collectanea subscribers to what we have found to the places on the Web where they can directly access quality information. As a result, our Web links quite often point to a database or directory of information deep within a site rather than the home page or welcome page. Collectanea offers a simple, cost-effective solution to corporate and home PC users by providing full text periodicals and pamphlets hyperlinked to company information and reviewed sites on the Web. Collectanea offers 6 full text collections:


Corporate Researcher...for your work
Parent Teacher Aide...for homework assistance
Home Economist...for your finances & household planning
Medical Advisor...for health problems & prevention
U Collectanea...for undergraduate or graduate study
Sports & Leisure...for hobbies, travel & fun

JobBank USA
It's a free service to job candidates worldwide! JobBank USA specializes in providing employment and resume information services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms. Employers & Recruiters, search the resume database with QuickScan , the "next-generation" resume search engine. Fill your positions NOW, submit your job requirements instantly to our jobs database and automated Usenet Newsfeed posting service .

Age Of Reason
"If You Build It, They Will Come." Over 5,000 Links to sites of interest to the over 50 age group Thanks to the 300,000+ visitors and for the thousands of messages of support. If you're Over 50 you don't want to spend the rest of your life in Never Ending Cyberspace. With that in mind, we strive to provide you with practical information relative to seniors lifestyles.

We've also put together, based on Netscape's Useful Links pages, a guide to useful web sites on or about web browsing, designing, and programming. The first useful link to visit is The Unofficial Netscape FAQ, which is a loosely-edited collection of frequently-asked questions that have been put together by a group of volunteers on the Internet. This is a great resource to check out if you're having any trouble with your copy of Netscape Navigator; there is some information here that isn't on Netscape's own pages.


Connecting Windows 95 to the Internet
This site explains (with pictures!) everything you need to do to set up Windows 95 to dial into your PPP account.

The Win95 Networking FAQ
This FAQ concerns problems you might encounter with Windows 95's networking features after you have set everything up according to the directions.

Windows Data Communications FAQ
This is a good resource for Microsoft Windows users who use dialup Internet connections via SLIP or PPP.

Winsock Error Reference
A complete listing of Windows TCP/IP error numbers and what they mean.

CNet's Netscape "How To" Tips
CNet has put together a collection of tips that will help you get the most out of Netscape Navigator.


The Unofficial Macintosh Netscape Clinic
Is your copy of Netscape sick? Then take it to the Clinic.

Netscape Defrost
If Netscape freezes your Mac, then here's a hot tip.

MacTCP Unleashed
Links to an enormous amount of downloadable networking programs (utilities, games, etc.) for the Macintosh.

MacWorld's Guide to Plug-Ins
MacWorld Magazine is maintaining a list of Netscape Navigator plug-ins for Macintosh systems.

Also, the CNet site listed above also has a lot of good Macintosh Navigator information.


The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
This lists practically all of the available tags in HTML 2.0, HTML 3.0, and the Netscape extensions.

Like picking lint out of a clothesdryer (where did all that fluff come from?), Weblint will scrutinize your web pages to find any potential problems with the HTML you wrote.

Netscape's extensions to HTML
This lists all of the new HTML tags recognized by Netscape Navigator (such as tables and colored text). Used well, they will make your Web pages really stand out.

How do they do that with HTML?
This site gives several tricks and tips for getting the most mileage out of your web pages.

Netscape Color Guide
This page lets you test various text and background color combinations for your web pages.

The Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resource Page
If you have any questions about "transparent GIFs", this is the place to go.

Progressive JPEG sample images
Here is the only information I've been able to find so far on the web about Progressive JPEG's. As I find more useful information I will add links to it here.

The Netscape Frames Tutorial
Charlton Rose has put together this completely terrific introduction to Netscape 2.0 frames.


Access logging
Get as much information as you ever wanted about the traffic patterns through your web site. (Also see Yahoo's long list of log analysis tools.)

Lymehouse Devoto
The Lymehouse Devoto pages offer a lot of useful Netscape server information gleaned from many places (such as newsgroup postings). Lymehouse also offers fee-based email support services.

Multiple domains
How to get your system to behave as if it were really several different systems, each with different IP addresses and different web servers.

The World Wide Web Security FAQ
What you should know if you want to be sure your web site is secure.

Socks Web Archive
Useful information and mailing lists regarding SOCKS, a method of proxying data across a network. Netscape Proxy Server comes with a SOCKS daemon you can use.


The Common Gateway Interface
NCSA provides much helpful information about CGI here (along with a good introduction to forms.)

Server-side includes
Also known as "parsed HTML": what they are, how they work, how to use them.

Sending email from NT CGI
This page links to "Blat", a utility you can use to let your CGI programs send email from Windows NT.

Server Push
Here are documentation and examples of using "server push" to do simple animation or automatic minute-by-minute updates on your pages.

Using ISINDEX for server-side searches
This explains how to write a CGI script to perform simple text searches on your web server.

HTML Access Counter
An access counter program that you can use on your web pages.

Homebuyers' Fair LiveWire JavaScript
Examples of how one company is using server-side JavaScript successfully on their web site.

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