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TCP/IP and PPP Installation for Macintosh

Obtaining MacTCP and MacPPP

You may obtain MacTCP from one of the following sources: ftp.merit.edu or ftp.worldramp.net. Note: MacTCP is included with Macintosh System 7.5. Purchase a commercial TCP/IP application that has MacTCP bundled.

We recommend you purchase "The Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh" by Adam Engst, Hayden Books. This book has a floppy in the back with MacTCP, Eudora, Fetch, TurboGopher and other Internet clients.

Installing MacTCP and MacPPP

Drag the Config PPP icon to the control panel folder IN the system folder.
Drag the MacPPP icon into the extensions folder in the System Folder.

Configuring MacTCP

  • Open the MacTCP Control Panel.
  • Click on the PPP icon.
  • Click on the "More..." button.
  • Click on "Server" under Obtain Address.
  • In the Domain Name Server Information box, enter; worldramp.net under Domain and under IP address. Click on the default button next to this entry. Underneath in the boxes below enter worldramp.net under Domain and in the IP address box.
  • In the Gateway Address text box, type
  • Click on "OK". Simply ignore the other parts of the MacTCP Control Panel and leave them as they are.
  • Close MacTCP Control Panel.

Configuring MacPPP
  • Open the Config PPP Control Panel.
  • Choose the Modem Port or Printer Port (select the port to which your modem is connected).
  • Click "New..." and enter a name for the configuration. Call it World Ramp.
  • Click "Config..." to open the Configure Server dialog box.
  • Select the Port Speed. To use data compression, the port speed must be faster than the modem speed. Set the speed as high as possible.
  • Select "CTS & RTS (DTR)" for Flow Control. You must have a modem cable wired for hardware handshaking.
  • Select Tone or Pulse dial depending on your phone service.
  • Enter the phone number for World Ramp: 740-5360
  • Click "Authentication" to bring up the Authentication dialog box.
  • Enter your World Ramp user ID and password.
  • Click on "OK" then click on "Done."

Opening a dial-in connection

To open a connection to World Ramp:
Open the Config PPP Control Panel.
Click the Open button. Your modem will begin to dial. When a connection is established, the Config PPP control panel will read "PPP UP" in the upper left-hand corner of the window. Run any TCP/IP application to access Internet hosts and services.
NOTE: You do not need to open the Config PPP control panel each time you wish to connect to World Ramp. Launching any Internet application will automatically invoke MacPPP and start the connection process.

Closing a dial-in connection

To hang up your modem and end your PPP session, you can either hang up explicitly by clicking the Hard Close button on the Config PPP control panel or turn off your modem. Simply quitting an Internet application, like Netscape or Fetch, will not hang up your modem and disconnect you from World Ramp.

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